Dashboard ideas


Things I want on my solid dashboard

  1. List of friends 
    1. Ability to start a chat with one
    2. last message from each if less than a week
    3. Integration between my list of friends and my contacts
      1. Are my "friends" a group in 
  2. Groups.  My groups 
    1. My groups with group chat as probably the
    2. Integration between work groups (teams?) and contact card groups
    3. A participation group is the set of people who used an app together.   Integrate with contact groups and teams
  3. Personal Timeline
    1. Recent stuff, but scrollable back
    2. Ability to filter on what my timeline shows
  4. Apps: immediate access to core apps
    1. Contacts
      1. Here is your address book
      2. Make one
    2. Meetulator
      1. Make a meeting
      2. Here are all your meetings
      3. Concept of a meeting series
    3. Chat
    4. Task management
      1. Make and optimize simple to-do list
      2. Make configuration editor UX
      3. Full software issue list like github
      4. Generic task management like asana, with nested tasks.
    5. (People will expect a calendar but it is not a priority for solid at the moment partly because caldav exists and full calendaring is really complicated. But some form of calendar so as to be able to show things like tasks you have with deadline.)
  5. Bookmarks, Favorites, etc .. public an d  private
    1. Lists all of them
    2. Tip to explain how to make them.  
      1. for example;   check the

My Solid Profile

Things I want on my public profile page which others see. 

I'll call that my "solid profile'

  1. Name or pseudonym, must be name for public professional profile
  2. Picture or avatar
  3. Basic contact details I am happy to be public
  4. Current and past:
    1. educational institutions I have had a role in
    2. companies, organizations, gov agencies I have worked for
      1. (Use wikidata or dbpedia as a source a list of these?)
    3. Challenges - things for charity, sporting
  5. Publications
    1. Use Ruben's list as a model?
  6. My recent stuff
    1. My public chats
    2. My latest blog, teaser for and link to
    3. Ruben V: What I found myself wanting a lot over the past couple of months, is a "status" feature. Not quite like Facebook/Twitter, but rather like the old MSN Messenger days, where you would put some song lyrics or a random thought, with the intention of it being replaced after a week or so. Seeing people's statuses in a the friends list would be nice. (So not a timeline, not something historical. Just a fun blurb of text.)
  7. My own random additions.
    1. The page should start iff just filled in by data bowser but be almost 100% customizable.
    2. Add text, media, style
    3. But discourage people putting in text what should be in data.
    4. Remember how people loved to personalize their myspace pages to get control of them away from myspace? Respect that spirit

Personal preferences

  1. languages/ability in them
  2. accessibility - preferred minimum font size
  3. per-app preferences, for chat, etc etc'
  4. enabled data browser panes
  5. per-class preferred view panes  and apps
  6. Track the pods I have - which are master pods (have profile and preferences) and which slave pods (just space)
  7. Recovery tools. 
    1. Recover any file by if necessary editing the source
    2. Recover your profile style, etc, to the default.
    3. Recover any turtle file which is not turtle to something which is turtle.

Welcome page

The page for the top of my domain  https://foo.inrupt.net/, needs to be a good landing page whether it me looking at it or someone else. Proposal:

Footnote: Notes using dokieli for this document

  1. Now the databrowser creates the initial H1 from the user';s chocie of filename, you at least get a heading to look at when it starts.
  2. Need to be in author mode by default.
  3. h2 doesn't work.
  4. If you click below the text the cursor doesn't jump to just after the last character. It should.
  5. I would like some indication that the contents are unsaved. A "save" - green checkmark in plain sight at top or bottom. Please..
  6. Is the "Modified 2019-07-04" insertion something new users should be given?

Solid integration: