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Dokieli Document made in databrowser

This is a test by Tim.

Sarven was here too,

That's better -- tim

This is starting to get nice.

Whenever someone points me a Google document for collaboration, I should be able to just make a new one of these and point them at it instead. 

Issues and thoughts:

  1. I don't seem to be able to invoke heading styles 
  2.  the style sheet in "Basic" mode could do with a margin IMHO for readability.  Maybe margin-left: 2em?
  3. Not sure that I like editing mode being turned off when I save. I see the logic but I think better to go back into "editing but unchanged" mode.
  4. When there are unsaved changes, I should be acutely aware of it ... Open Street Map editor has something like "Save (20 min)" meaning "do you realize that you have 20 mins of unsaved work? Yes it would be nice to turn on autosave.   In solid-ui my current fashion is for unsaved text to be green (or red if syntax error for a field like which requires a format like a date). Black text means "editable" and grey "uneditable", either because you haven't pressed edit, or you are not allowed.  These may or may not work for you .... the save button is a green check mark.  The save button should be visible when text is unsaved.  Bottom right is conventional.
  5. When the folder pane makes a new dokieli document foo, it makes a new folder foo and puts an index.html inside it.  Any reason why it should not just make foo.html?  Or does a dokeili document like to have a folder to puts stuff like images?

Hmmm  ... 

Ok, so